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DELTAPER seeks to achieve superior returns for its shareholders by investing in, and simultaneously actively supporting, new and early stage projects with great potential in expanding market, with a specific view of the opportunities created in the Portuguese-speaking countries.

The core of the investment decision in based on the extensive business know-how of the management team and its ability to materialize the investment pipeline, as well as a thoroughly developed integrated management system (mainly CRM and Financial Control)

Investment Focus

Venture capital investments include early-stage venture capital funds, which invest in businesses still in the conceptual stage (start-up or seed), or where products may not be fully developed, and where revenues and/or profits may be several years away; and, later stage venture capital funds which invest in more mature, yet still relatively small, companies in need of growth or expansion capital.


The majority of the deal flow comes from leveraging Deltaper’s relationships with venture capital and private equity firms who are seeking follow-on financings for their portfolio companies. We augment this deal flow through the industry expertise and personal relationships of our investment partners, and from connection ties with business schools and business-angels.


Early-stage investments allow the venture capitalist to obtain more meaningful ownership stakes, and to make the biggest impact in helping the company establish its business platform and management team.  We partner with leading venture capitalists that have significant operational experience and are looking to finance high quality ideas, entrepreneurs, and companies.

Geographical Focus

International Scope, as long as we can make a difference – no sillent partners.

Avarage Investment

DELTAPER invests from €500.000 to €1 million per project, so expecting to have between 30 and 45 ongoing participated companies.


DELTAPER will only take equity positions which have a substantial potential for IRR as well as sizeable total capital gain potential. In practice, the expected equity stakes should range on average from 30% to 100%.


Equity stakes below 30% will generally be avoided for efficiency reasons such as lack of influence or control. This policy should translate into up to 4 to 6 investments per year during the investment period.

Leveraging Strategy

DELTAPER does not leverage its equity investments.

Current Pipeline

The current identified pipeline of potencial investments includes tourism, healthcare, education, life sciences, energy, business services, digital marketing.


We always invest for the long-run; actually there is no other way od investing